Let’s now talk a little more about the phenomenon of Sleepy paralysis click here. It is a condition in which your body is asleep, and the brain either does not sleep yet, or has already awakened. You can see here. Most often occurs at the moment of awakening. When a person wakes up, but it turns out that the brain has already awakened, and his body is still asleep find out more here. In this case, you are visited by strange hallucinations find out more here. Feeling suffocation, uncontrolled animals fear, or rather even horror. You lie, but you are attacked by an unknown creature that strangles you. At this moment you can not resist, fight back click here to learn more. You can not even scream. The form of these hallucinations is always different and depends entirely on a particular person and mental state find out more here. After all, each of us has our own fears.

Pass the test and find out what you are more predisposed to here. Probably all our fears come from childhood. I can not say with full confidence, but probably we are most afraid of that. What they can not understand. If you want to know more, search here. What is hidden from our understanding or is not yet available. Unfortunately, despite the fact that our development is only growing, there are a lot of things that are not subject to us and so far there is no full explanation for them find out more here. And in order to be completely confident in the psychological health you need to keep everything under control click here. Put everything on the shelves is not clear and not understandable. All that we can control is not a concern find out more here. And this means that the attitude to it is ordinary. We are not afraid of cars. It’s true. All because cars have become for us a perfectly normal and everyday thing click here to learn more. But show cars to people who lived in antiquity. They probably would have been scared and did not understand exactly how this works find out more here. After all, we used to go on animals or chariots. They were tied to harnessed horses that were transported by stroller. It was absolutely normal for that time, but now progress has moved on and such transportation is no longer used click here to learn more. About this you can read a huge number of books. For example, here a lot of useful information click here. Or you can give an example of other things that surround us in everyday life. The water supply is quite ordinary for us and almost everyone in the houses has it. In addition to small villages, and there it starts to appear click here to learn more. Previously, water had to go somewhere, and before that it was quite a difficult task to find the source click here to learn more. After all, not every water is suitable for consumption find out more here. In addition, water should be cleaned if necessary and this is also a task that you need to know how to perform info. The level of education has also grown and now everyone has an elementary level of education.

This is also not just once written in other articles that you can read by following the link here. Our ancestors could not even think that later it will be possible, for example, to fly. That airplanes will become the norm info. Means of transportation. Any person can arrive in another city in a few hours find out more here. Previously, people had to walk with their feet or ride these long distances on a horse. It took a lot of time and energy, and now it is enough to buy a ticket for a train, order a car or use other means of transportation click here to learn more. You can also discuss communication. The main means of communication before was a personal meeting, the distances really were not an insurmountable obstacle find out more here. To communicate with a person who lives from you in a thousand kilometers, you had to somehow meet or send a letter that went to your recipient for a very long time. What was very uncomfortable read here. You write a letter, send it and wait. Only after some long time the recipient will read it. Will write the answer and send it by the same mail. It is not difficult to guess that such communication took a long time. If you want to know more, search here. I will not touch on the types of mail. You can read about it more information. Now we communicate with instant messages. At the touch of a button your message, any volume is sent and in a moment it can be read. There are a lot of such programs. You can learn more about them in case you are interested. Here is an excellent site for you. As far as I know, such programs are being developed now. Just because they are popular nowadays. About them as other information. Which can be found here. A large amount of information in our time lies in the public domain. There are many sites dedicated to this topic. Here you can learn more. Probably there are people who are interested.